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SARAKINA is a band which performs ethnic music originating in the regions of Bulgaria and Macedonia. The objectives of the musicians, who are students and graduates of music academies, are to capture the rich musical heritage of classic and unique Balkan compositions. The repertoire of this group is performed by using the original instruments. The ensemble has been playing together since 1999.

Sarakina live koncert,  Akordeon klarnet kontrabas vokal

Fot.: Jaroslaw Wisniewski


Jacek Grekow

Jan Mlejnek

Mateusz Bielski

Anna Klebus


accordion, Bulgarian bagpipe, kaval

clarinet, tambura

double bass

bulgarian singing

About music

"Sarakina" is an oriental name for a beautiful girl from the Balkans; a village in Greece; and the name of a band from Bialystok playing music of Bulgarian origin. They play compositions and arrangements of melodies and music motives from Bulgaria and Macedonia. Their music blends different tempos and moods, and even epochs. The archaic songs go hand in hand with jazzy interludes performed with virtuosity and the clarinet “gabs” with the ethnic instruments.

Monika Zmijewska (journalist)

"Sarakina's concerts should be attended by Balkan music fans as well as those who are not so keen on this kind of music. The former would hear their favourite music played in sophisticated, subtle arrangements. The latter would learn that, in opposition to the junk, brazen TV productions, the production related to the Balkan roots can be beautiful and intelligent.

Tomasz Janas (journalist, Czas Kultury)

After hearing this recording, I was totally fascinated with the ability of the musicians to bring the genre of traditional folk music to the form of sophisticated concert performance. It takes musicians of a high professionalism to be able to do that. All the musicians appearing on this recording are that truly professionals in what they do. Their professionalism covers all the areas of this recording, beginning with the choice of the pieces, marvellous arrangements, superior performance, excellent sound quality and engineering, and ending with the very good quality and design of the CD cover. (...)

Tania Lukic-Marx (Accordions Worldwide)

akordeon klarnet tupan kontrabas - SARAKINA

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SARAKINA Balkan Band

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SARAKINA Balkan Band

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